Review- Is It Good For You?

If you are looking for a good time with a male or female then is the site for you. If you’re looking to make some good money as a webcam model then the site is also a great place to do that.

For Models

So you think you’ve got what it takes to work as a webcam model. Well, you’re in luck because is one of the sites that makes the registration process easy and fast. Simply fill up the required details and upload the requested documents and your account will be approved in just a couple of hours.
The support and training this site offers its models is just spectacular. First, you will find a power guide on the home page and it is so well put together containing interactive tutorials that provide basic and complex information in a very simple and clear manner. You can also take time to go through the guide while offline and the quizzes at the end help you test your knowledge.
When I joined I had a few challenges and so emailed the support team asking a few questions on how to proceed and in just a couple of hours they had responded.
The on-site platform for hosts is another great feature. It’s very active and it gives hosts an opportunity to interact, share ideas, encourage each other and sharpen each other’s skills. So if you’re new you get to learn from the experts and if you’re an expert you get to encourage and guide the upcoming hosts.

When it comes to privacy, most models worry that a family member or significant other might watch them in action and let’s face it, some things are better done in private. With, you get an opportunity to block guests and members from up to three countries or locations.
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User Interface

The first time I visited the site, I felt a little confused. While most webcam adult site state from the onset the kinds of services they offer and to who, with this doesn’t come out clearly. If you have unique sexual needs you might not be too confident with the site. However, once you register and log in, you find a whole new world of opportunities to keep you excited and give you that orgasmic release you crave.


The sessions you have on the site are web-based and so you can’t download a software to enjoy them. Everything is online and live. All you have to do is hit on the Start Video Chat and you’re in.

Live Cams

There is so much to choose from in the Live cams section. You will find a screenshot of each model as well as a teaser bio alongside that. In addition, a review section allows you to see how the particular model has been rated by previous clients. This will help you in determining who you want for a good time.

Sex Video Chat (Live)

For a sex video chat, you get the first 20 seconds of live sex absolutely free. After that, you are charged based on the particular models’ rate.

Vibrator shows

These usually involve models fucking themselves or each other using vibrators. For this, you get a 30-second show for free and are then charged per the model charges if you want to continue enjoying horny sexy models fucking with vibrators. So sexy.
Strip show
In this show, models strip tease and turn you on till you are on fire and just want to fuck. You get 30 seconds of this show for free but have to pay if you want to go all the way. Charges depend on the model performing the show.

Host Video

You might not be interested in a live show but don’t mind watching some hot steamy videos from previous shows. This is where you get them. Some can be viewed for free while others require that you be at least a bronze member to be able to enjoy them. also has video series by hosts that include free teasers, shows by pornstars, among other monthly content that might interest you.

Refund Policy

Most of the live cam adult sites don’t have a refund policy and that is why I like their refund policy states that if you are not satisfied by their service within the first 30 days, then you get a refund of up to $25.

Credit Refunds does not just refund money from membership, they also refund credit but only under the following conditions:
– If you experience a technical issue during your video chatting session.
– If you have difficulties using or accessing the site.
– If the paid video chat session was unsatisfactory.
– If you happen to erroneously purchase a credit.
I have personally received a refund on my credits two times now and so I know their refund policy is not just stated for a show but that it actually works.

Membership Pricing

So if you want to become a member on, you have four options to choose from.
1. Bronze membership
The features offered here include a discount club costing .60 credits per minute. You also get live porn star shows and monthly contest videos for free. For only 2 credits per minute, you can watch the post-porn star shows.

2. Silver membership
This costs a little more than the bronze package but it also has more benefits. For instance, the post-porn star shows only cost one credit per minute, and the discount club .70 credits per minute less. You also get 20 bonus credits just for purchasing a credit.

3. Gold membership
Definitely more expensive than silver membership but with even better perks. To become a gold member you must collect up to 2,500 points on The discounts and freebies are more lucrative in this package and it gives you an opportunity to accumulate even more points.
4. VIP membership

This is the most expensive, but also most rewarding package. To become a VIP member, you need to collect at least 15,000 points on
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